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Alibaba Cloud Centos 8 / RHEL 8 Configuring Postfix Mail Server With SendGrid Relay , SPF .

First Create Account At Next Go to Email Api –> Integration Guide Choose SMTP RELAY . Enter Your Choosen Api Key than press Create Setting UP postfix yum -y install postfix cyrus-sasl-plain mailx yum -y install postfix cyrus-sasl-plain mailx systemctl enable postfix Edit /etc/postfix/ vi /etc/postfix/ find and replace this inet_interfaces = all Press

CentOS 8 / Redhat 8 install wordpress with let’s encrypt ssl https.

Set Current Hostname : hostnamectl set-hostname hostnamectl restart systemd-hostnamed Install EPEL release yum -y install epel-release Install httpd mod_ssl php and mariadb server database yum -y install php php-mysqlnd php-json mod_ssl httpd mariadb-server Enable httpd and mariadb server database systemctl enable mysqld systemctl enable httpd systemctl start mariadb httpd Configure Mariadb Secure Installation mysql_secure_installation

Python Fast Boot Camp For Dummies , Understanding Variable , numbers, tuple , list , dictionary , python data structure.

What is variable ? Variable is a label for a location in memory . Variable make us easy to understand as programmer. Python has five standard data types − Numbers String List Tuple Dictionary Let’s take a look on each of them. Number Data Type in Python Python supports integers, floating point numbers and complex

Python Fast Boot Camp , Calling Operating System Command , save result of OS command to variable.

In this bootcamp , we will look into how to get output from system call command and assign it to variable for later processing or output presentation. We will use subprocess library import subprocess The subprocess module allows you to spawn new processes, connect to their input/output/error pipes, and obtain their return codes. This module intends to

Regular Expression Cheat Sheet for Dummies

Regex Basics Description ^ The start of a string $ The end of a string . Wildcard which matches any character, except newline (n). | Matches a specific character or group of characters on either side (e.g. a|b corresponds to a or b) Used to escape a special character a The character “a” ab The

Secure Coding Practice For C , C++ , Java , Perl , Android.

Welcome This site supports the development of coding standards for commonly used programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Perl, and the Android™ platform. These standards are developed through a broad-based community effort by members of the software development and software security communities. For more information about this project and to see tips on how